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Keywise focuses on high growth, under researched companies in Greater China markets, mainly China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Chinese ADRs in the U.S.. Our strategies aim to exploit in-efficiencies in these markets and generate superior returns with relatively low risk.

The Keywise Phoenix Fund focuses on long securities in the Greater China markets.  The Fund seeks to achieve superior relative returns and exploit opportunities where securities trade at a significant discount to fundamental value.

The Keywise Discovery Fund focuses on long securities in the China A-Share market. The Fund seeks to achieve superior returns by exploiting investment opportunities driven by the growth and structural changes of the Chinese economy.

The Keywise Penguin Fund seeks to achieve superior absolute return with low volatility through investing in equities in the Greater China markets. The fund applies a long-short market neutral strategy.  The competitive edge of the fund relies on its rigorous stock selection approach based on independent on-the-ground research and in-house proprietary quantitative methodologies.